The Advantage is Clear

Better design, better booms.  Patented aluminum extrusions provide superior strength, while retaining industry leading lightweight coverage.  Don't settle for an imitation.  Trust the name that originated aluminum sprayboom technology that is fast becoming the industry standard.  POMMIER has sold tens of thousands of booms around the world.  Talk to us to find out why!

Consider the difference: 120' & 132' aluminum booms by Pommier weigh the same as John Deere's 90' & 100' steel booms respectively.  Pommier spray booms are lighter, wider, and stronger.

Engineered for sprayers from




Design Features

Take advantage of Pommier's boom joint design.
Hydraulic cylinders, connective chains, and
ball joints combine to provide maximum control
and flexibility.




Break Away Features
Unique break away features, including automatic reset
and a three-way pivot system (forward, backward,
and upward) safeguard against structural damage
from ground or obstacle impact.





Take advantage of total compatibility.  Pommier boom
packages integrate with all height control systems.


Sturdy Mounts
Sturdy mounts and a guard plate on the sensor's
leading edge greatly reduce the risk of damage on impact.

Engineered Centre Frame
Take advantage of Pommier's centre frame that has
been specifically engineered for use with John Deere
4700 and 4800 series sprayers.  Transport cradles have
also been designed for Pommier's aluminum booms.

Take advantage of Pommier's unique recirculation
system.  Continuously pressurized booms guarantee
instant application, perfectly consistent field coverage from
book tip to boom tip, and immediate pressure and shut-off.
In other words - no drips, and no dead spots.



Only Pommier's patented technology enables booms to start each field fully charged and ready to go, generating even and consistant pressure and product from boom tip to boom tip.

  • Endless loop system with instant on-off section control
  • Easier and more effective product change out
  • Constant pressure keeps product agitated and in suspension

Talk to us about retro-fitting your existing sprayer with Pommier's leading edge recirculation system.



Check out the Pommier America website here.